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The Artie Problem

waltzing a lunar landscape
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The Artie Problem is a movement to unite Pete and Pete fans, and draw in new fans, from around the world with a message of hope.


If you want the story behind the movement, please read e-mail #1.

1) e-mail me your:
-Last Name, First Name
-Shipping address
-Preferred e-mail address to receive official e-mail updates
-Method of payment (check, money order, paypal, or in person)
-T-shirt size (shirts are 100% cotton hanes beefy tees, in sizes youth-L, adult-S/M/L/XL)

2) Pay me for the shirt:
-Current price is $9.65+$3.85 shipping=$13.50 total.

-If you want to pay by check or money order (no cash please), make it out to James Boo and send it to:


i have run out of t-shirts and have been traveling certain parts of the world for the past three months. it is uncertain if The Artie Problem will be revived upon my return to the States, but right now it seems doubtful, seeing how i'll be unemployed, in debt, living with my parents, and as attractively single as ever. still, never say never...

-You can also pay online by making PayPal (www.paypal.com) transfer to jameseatscereal@hotmail.com. NOTE: I CANNOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS. E-checks only. This is the safest and fastest method of payment.

3) Once your payment clears I will send you a confirmation e-mail to let you know you're marked down for the next available t-shirt.

4) I will e-mail you on the day that I ship your shirt. The rest will be history!

1) Are the t-shirt designs ironed on?
-The t-shirt designs are not cheap iron-ons. They are silkscreened by a professional printer, Kurt Brunetto, who does shirts for diesel sweeties and explodingdog, among others. They're also hanes beefy tees, which are very nice t-shirts.

2) How much is shipping for more than one t-shirt?
-If you would like multiple t-shirts for friends, please let me know how many you need, with name/e-mail information for each shirt-bearer, and I will get back to you with an exact shipping price. Shipping for two shirts is STILL $3.85 (no extra charge for the second shirt!).

3) How soon will I receive my shirt?
-Once I receive your payment it will usually take less than a week for you to receive your shirt, if you live in the US. If I am out of your size, however, you will probably have to wait another month or two until the next shipment of shirts comes in. I cannot afford to carry a large stock of t-shirts and I've already plugged over $700 of my money into this so I hope you forgive me for ordering shirts based on current demand.

4) How do I know you're not trying to rip me off?
-Frankly, you don't know, but since you've seen exactly what I look like, have my contact information, and know where I live, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet I'm not a very good con-artist. I also have over 100 points of postive feedback on eBay (user id: deathorglory1788), if that is of any consolation.

5) How much money do you make from selling these shirts?
-This is a nonprofit operation. There is a small surcharge added to the original cost of each shirt, which pays for stuff like membership cards and enables me to give free t-shirts to indie celebrities/superheroes who dig the pete. I make no money from this.

Considering the fact that I'm paying all unexpected costs out of pocket, I think it's clear that the profit motive isn't really in effect here. If you would like a detailed price breakdown of costs and fees, don't hesitate to e-mail me about it.

My top priority is spreading the legacy of
this amazing show as inexpensively as possible.

6) Do you do this all on your own?
-For the most part, yes. It was my idea. My friend Brian helps out by contributing his math skills to the planning process and warding off the bullies who steal my lunch money on every pizza day. Kurt prints the shirts. Every single person who buys a shirt and spreads the word is an essential part of the movement. I am avoiding ebay and most mainstream channels of communication to keep prices low and the workload manageable, so this will really depend on the efforts of members to mobilize fans everywhere and keep the light on.

If you are a member, link your page to mine, add me to your friends page, etc. spread the word to fans everywhere!

Join me in the quest to keep hope alive.


The following superheroes are official members of The Artie Problem:
-Grand Buffet
-Travis Dandro
-Mike Park
-Matt Sharp
-Jason Oda
-Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennett
-Ted Leo



"17 out of 20 dentists agree that an artie shirt keeps your teeth healthier and your breath fresher than any of the leading brands of toothpaste!"
Hallie from Houston, TX (with Mike Park)

"Everyone needs a hero...and a KrebStar Mentholated Hot Lather Machine."
Savanah from Baton Rouge, LA

"Before I got my Artie Problem T-Shirt, I loved the Pet Shop Boys, my favorite color was purple, and I wore wife-beaters with slacks. And now I have an Artie Problem T-shirt."
Brian from Walnut, CA

"Wearing my Artie Problem T-Shirt changed my life."
Hovannes from San Bernardino, CA

Norman from San Francisco, CA